NEW! The Ultimate Aquabar (Aquabar + Remote Control)

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Want to have the ultimate aquabar? Give it "aqua power ". The ultimate big boy toy for on the water.

2 ROV thrusters on the bottom for complete control. It comes with everything you need to plug and go. Simple assembly required but we promise, it's not complicated!

It takes 2 weeks to ship. Each motor is built by hand and tested before it ships. We will keep you in the loop on the process, updates on shipping and will teach you everything you need to know. 

**NOTE: Aquabar and Remote will ship separately**


  • 6 Bottles
  • 12 Shot Glasses
  • 8 Coozies
  • Space for a cooler (weight limit: 15 lbs)
  • Fully Assembled 
  • 1 Year Warranty

Explore the AquaBar

Any time the weather is nice you can find us outside, not just outside but in the water. On the lake, in the pool, floating the river, if there's water...we're there. But there's a problem, we were constantly getting in and out of the pool or lake to refill drinks or grab snacks. You end up trekking water through the house, have the hassle of constantly getting in and out taking away from the experience.

That's when we started to notice our friends holding the cups or bottles over their heads and even using the paddleboard to hold shots, but the shots kept falling off.

Enter: The Aqua Bar.

Proudly invented, designed, and created in the great state of Tennessee, we are proud to say our product is Made in the USA. We didn't just want another pool floatie or lake toy. We wanted something we could (and want) to use time and time again where we could pour, mix, and enjoy our drinks and snacks all from one area. The Aqua Bar takes the hassle out of enjoying time in the water with friends and family.

We have tested and perfected our Aqua Bar to withstand real life. It's for you, the boat owner, the pool goer, the suntanner, the pool partier. Some of our most cherished memories are those spent on the water. Take back those moments for yourself too.

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